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What we offer

Private Lessons

We offer private in-home sessions as well as "out and about" sessions (in town, trails, fields, etc). These training sessions are tailored to your wants and needs. Whether you need puppy training, basic obedience or behavior modification we are here to help. 

$170 per session (plus sales tax) = $180.80

*Price subject to change


We serve Madison, Guilford, Killingworth, Branford.

Sessions are booked on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays  9:30AM, 11:15AM and 1 PM

Do you have a dog that?

  • Pulls on leash

  • Has accidents in the house

  • Jumps on guests

  • Barks excessively 

  • Is fearful around people

  • Nips

  • Chews things they shouldn't

Fully booked until end of summer

Private sessions allow us to address all of your concerns and develop a training program that will lead to success.​  On our first session, we will sit down and go over your goals and where you are current at. Following lessons will be more hands on. Lessons are custom to fit your goals and concerns.  I am here for as much or as little as you need. That being said, certain behaviors will require numerous sessions for everyone to be successful. Sessions can be booked weekly, or spaced out to fit your schedule and budget.


 Canine Tutoring

Did you just bring home a new puppy and are overwhelmed at what needs to be done to raise a Polite dog? Maybe your schedule doesn't allow for proper training/socialization. Our Polite Puppy package is set up for our trainer to come while you are gone during the day and work with your puppy. We can work on teaching new manners, address behaviors you are struggling with, take them out on proper socialization field trips/play dates and more! This program will be customized to your dogs needs.

2 sessions (1 hour each) per week (4 weeks total)

$1200 (plus sales tax)


Breakdown of what was covered

Potty walk

Video's and pictures of training

Homework for the family to reinforce

*Additional sessions can be added

Giving a Hand
Boy Walking His Dog
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