What we offer

Private Lessons

We offer private in-home sessions as well as "out and about" sessions (in town, trails, fields, etc). These training sessions are tailored to your wants and needs. Whether you need puppy training, basic obedience or behavior modification we are here to help. 

$125 per session


We serve Madison, Guilford, Killingworth, Clinton, Branford, North Branford, Durham.

Sessions are booked on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 9:15AM-last session starting by 3.

Do you have a dog that?

  • Pulls on leash

  • Has accidents in the house

  • Jumps on guests

  • Barks excessively 

  • Is fearful around people

  • Nips

  • Chews things they shouldn't

Private sessions allow us to address all of your concerns and develop a training program that will lead to success.​  Lessons are custom to fit your goals and concerns.  I am here for as much or as little as you need. That being said, certain behaviors will require numerous sessions for everyone to be successful. Sessions can be booked weekly, or spaced out to fit your schedule and budget. With ALL of our services. Once you choose us- we here for the long haul, contact us whenever you have questions. Whether it's 5 minutes after a session or 5 years. 


 Canine Tutoring

Did you just bring home a new puppy and are overwhelmed at what needs to be done to raise a Polite dog? Maybe your schedule doesn't allow for proper training/socialization. Our Polite Puppy package is set up for our trainer to come while you are gone during the day and work with your puppy. We can work on teaching new manners, address behaviors you are struggling with, take them out on proper socialization field trips/play dates and more! This program will be customized to your dogs needs.

4 sessions (1 hour each)



Breakdown of what was covered

Potty walk

Video's and pictures of training

Homework for the family to reinforce

*Additional sessions can be added for a discount

Giving a Hand
Boy Walking His Dog
Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

Our puppy classes are structured to focus on building a happy and confident dog.  Class size stays small to promote individual attention and not to overwhelm the puppies. 

  • 6 weeks (50 min classes)

  • Puppies attend all classes

  • $200 (includes tax)

  • Open to puppies up to 5 months old

  • Safe and clean environment

  • We cover recall, sit, down, leave-it, drop-it, touch, and more!

  • Address common puppy behaviors such as nipping, chewing, crate training, house training, and more.

  • Socialization to other puppies, people and different objects and noises


Family Dog Foundations

Our beginner course is structured to teach a great foundation that every family dog should know. We work on building a great bond and connection with your dog.

  • 6 weeks (50 min)

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Polite Walking, Leave-it, Touch, "Place" and more.

  • Address problem behaviors such as house training, barking, jumping, chewing, digging, nipping.

  • Class size stays small

  • Classes held at Shoreline Pet Lodge in Branford

  • $200 includes tax


Beyond the Basics

This class is built to advance your skills taught on the beginner class. We will apply more real life scenarios and build distractions.

  • 6 weeks (50 min class)

  • Dogs attend all weeks

  • Must have completed a beginner course or have comparable skill level

  • Build essential skills such as "place", Really Reliable Recall, and default behaviors

  • Continue to work on polite walking and greetings with higher distractions

  • $200 includes tax


Canine Good Citizen

This class is based on the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. This course will help prepare you to take the test. Test will be given on the last class.

  • 6 weeks (50 min)

  • See test requirements here

  • Classes held at Shoreline Pet Lodge in Branford

  • Intermediate level skills needed

  • Class size stays small

  • Dogs must be human/dog friendly - no reactivity

  • $200 includes tax


Classes are on hold

Drop-in Classes

Polite in Public

Ever struggle with getting your dog to walk nicely in public?


Dog behave great in a group class but not in public?

  • Learn how to manage and navigate through real life scenario's in real places

  • Preregistration is required

  • $30 per class

  • Prerequisites: Basic Skills such as Sit, down, come, stay, no dog/people aggression etc.

  • Contact us for dates

Drop-in Classes


This class is designed for the dog that has been taught the basic cues but may need refreshing or practice. We strengthen cues and build the relationship between you and your dog where you are able to be confident with your dog's abilities.

Drop-in Classes

Fun with Agility

Wanted to try agility but not looking to compete? Want to have fun and find a great way to bond with your dog? Want to strengthen behaviors?

  • This is a stress-free class all about having fun while learning to teach your dog to be confident.

  • Spring/Summer only

  • $30 per class 

Contact us

Jade Giuggio CPDT-KA, ABCDT


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