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Polite Paws was established in 2011 by Jade Giuggio. We offer positive dog training on the Connecticut shoreline. We are firm believers in continuing education by attending seminars and conferences.  We are committed to providing top quality training and keeping up with scientifically proven training methods. We are highly recommended by local veterinary hospitals such as Guilford Veterinary Hospital and East Shore Animal Hospital. 


Jade Giuggio CPDT-KA, ABCDT

Jade grew up with German shepherds and poodles and knew she wanted a career involving dogs. Earning a B.S. from the University of New Haven in Criminal Justice; her goal was to become a State Trooper and eventually a K9 handler for the state police. An injury prevented her from that job and she found her love for training when rescuing her own dog, Tazzy. Jade and her husband Geoff currently share their lives with their 2 kids and their 3 dogs: Hunter (Shiba Inu), Keira (German Shepherd) and Timber (Siberian Husky).

Why choose us?

I've been in your shoes, our first rescue dog was a 10 year old Siberian Husky, that was a backyard breed mom.  Tazzy never lived indoors. She would growl at us and our other puppy, Hunter. She lunged on leash at other dogs. She destroyed doors, got into the garbage, had no basic commands. I contacted a few local trainers but being fresh out of college, I couldn't afford both vetting a dog who had never been to ta vet and training sessions. I spent time working with her, reading and figuring out how to make this work. We knew no one else would want a 10 year old dog. It was hard for me to see the little changes, and often I was discouraged that I could do this. If it wasn't for the people who regularly saw me working with her and making comments on how much she changed, I never would have seen it. Looking back now, she taught me so much and was the reason I quit my job and focused on learning more about training. 

Tazzy spent her last 3 years with our family and losing her hit me incredibly hard. She made me earn her love and trust and she showed me a lot about myself.  She was a once in a life time dog. After Tazzy passed, my husband signed us up to puppy raise for Fidelco Guide Dog Organization. Eight week old Keira came into our lives. She was a peach training, even though she ended up becoming our pet, we had an amazing time training with Fidelco weekly for service dog training for over a year. 

Fast Forward to Timber...oh Timber. Timber was found on Craigslist by my husband.  He was 4 months old, and the family could no longer keep him.  He came to us wild, with a lot of separation anxiety. He broke out of crates, would scream so loud I was afraid neighbors would think we were torturing him. He tested me in every way, and even as a professional trainer, he was a tough dog to bond with. I spent months JUST focusing on his anxiety. Now at 6 years old, he is so special to me. I find the dogs that push me the most end up being the most bonded to me. He helps me out so much with my business. He helps me socialize dogs, and break down dogs walls.  He still is my resident goofball, and still at times pushes the limits.


  •  B.S. from University of New Haven

  •  CPDT-KA - Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

  •  ABCDT - Certification from Animal Behavior College

"Jade is very kind and patient. My dog was struggling through a behavior incident and Jade was amazing and level headed throughout.  Agility was awesome! She always thought of creative ways to engage Riley and he looked forward to going! She did not once make me feel bad about it or blame my dog. It was a learning experience and she was very helpful!"         - Julia and "Riley" (Boxer)


"Jade is an absolute gem. Her mannerism and her knowledge of "animal speak" is evident throughout the lessons."         


- Rosemary & Ken with Stashu (Polish Lowland Sheepdog)


T. 203-889-8436

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