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Private Sessions
Group Classes
Polite Paws offers private in-home sessions as well as "out and about" sessions (in town, trails, fields, etc). These training sessions are tailored to your wants and needs. Whether you need puppy training, basic obedience or behavior modification we are here to help.  We serve New Haven County but can travel farther (travel fee based on distance)
Contact us for a consultation.
$100 per session (includes tax)*
Package discount available.
*Travel fee may apply

Do you have a dog that?
  • Pulls on leash
  • Has accidents in the house
  • Jumps on guests
  • Barks excessively 
  • Is fearful around people
  • Nips
  • Chews things they shouldn't

Private sessions allow us to address all of your concerns and develop a training program that will lead to success.​

At Polite Paws, we pride ourselves in using positive techniques to build a strong bond and keep training fun for all involved. With your help, our goal is to train dogs humanely and effectively using science-based training methods. We continue our education to provide the most positive and top quality service in the area.  

Polite Paws dog training offers a variety of group classes. Adult dog group classes* take place at Shoreline Pet Lodge in Branford, Connecticut 06405.  Classes stay small to ensure everyone gets individual attention. Our puppy classes take place at East Shore Wellness Center in Madison, CT. We are one of the first positive/science-based group class trainers in our area, and our classes fill up fast. We recommend contacting us in advance to sign up for classes.  

Puppy Kindergarten (Start date for upcoming classes: 9/13/18 at 6pm in Madison (Full) & 9/20/18 at 7 PM in Madison)
  • 6 weeks (50 minute)
  • Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walking, Touch, Focus and more.
  • Address problem behaviors such as house training, barking, nipping, jumping, chewing, etc.
  • Puppy playtime
  • Body awareness
  • Socialization to people, objects, obstacles, puppies and more
  • $185 includes tax

Basic Manners (Start date for upcoming classes: 9/30/18 at 12:30 PM)
  • 6 weeks (50 min)
  • Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Polite walking, Polite greetings, Leave-it, Focus, "Place" and more.
  • Address problem behaviors such as house training, barking, jumping, chewing, digging, nipping.
  • Obstacle work
  • $200 includes tax

Beyond the Basics  (Start date: 9/30/18 at 1:30 PM)
  • 6 weeks (50 min)
  • Build on skills taught in Basic Manners
  • Focuses on building "place", building "default" behaviors (i.e. auto sits)
  • Learn how to apply training to more real life scenarios
  • $200 includes tax

Canine Good Citizen Class​ 
  • 6 weeks (50 min)
  • Takes place at Shoreline Pet Lodge in Branford, CT 06405
  • This class is structured after the Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Check out the test requirements here
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Manners class or comparable skills
  • $200 (includes tax)

Train to Maintain  (contact for dates)
  • Drop-in 
  • Strengthen behaviors learned in Basic Manners
  • Increase distractions and distance
  • Increase obstacles
  • Add fun games to practice with
  • $30 per class
  • Select Sundays (contact us to register for specific dates)

Fun with Agility  (contact us for dates) 
  • Drop-in
  • Wanted to try agility but not looking to compete?
  • Want to have fun and find a great way to bond with your dog?
  • Want to strengthen behaviors?
  • This is a stress-free class all about having fun while learning to teach your dog to be confident.
  • Spring/Summer/Fall only
  • $30 per class 

Polite in Public (contact us for dates)
  • Ever struggle with getting your dog to walk nicely in public?
  • Dog behave great in a group class but not in public?
  • Learn how to manage and navigate through real life scenario's in real places
  • Preregistration is required
  • $30 per class
  • Prerequisites: Basic Skills such as Sit, down, come, stay, no dog/people aggression etc.
  • Contact us for dates