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Project Underdog - Butch

by Jade Giuggio on 07/02/13

      I am lucky enough to be involved in Project Underdog.  Our goal is to help the hard-to-adopt dogs find their forever homes.  Our current PU is Butch. He is 9 month old lab mix being fostered with Labs4Rescue.  You would think a young dog must get adopted quickly, but Butch has a few things going against him.  He is a black lab mix and black dogs have a harder time being adopted.  He also has some insecurities.  He came into Labs4Rescue at 5 weeks old with a litter of puppies from the South.  He was the last one to be transported up North and the experience was tough for him.  The good news is he has made tremendous progress.

April 2013: When I first met with Judy, Butch's foster mom, she was reaching out for help because he was so fearful.  Butch would bark at everything and growl at everyone.  The first day I met him he wouldn't even come close to me and barked and growled the entire time.  Her fear was no one would consider a dog who feared most people. 

June 2013: Butch has truly come a long way.  He warms up to strangers a lot faster, he has become a more confident dog who loves other dogs and loves playing.  Once he bonds with you he is your shadow, he loves being where you are and his inner puppy comes out.  He loves belly rubs, chewing on bones, cleaning out kongs, and he loves other dogs.  Other dogs bring out is confidence and his playfulness. 

He is ready to find his forever home.  With that in mind there will be an adjustment period and his owners will have to spend sometime getting him to trust them, but once he does he will love you forever! 

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