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Product overload!

by Jade Giuggio on 03/31/12

    Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the pet store.  I love looking at all the different products they have out there, the Thundershirt, Doggles, all the different brands of food, Kongs, harnesses, toys with stuffing or without, doggie seat belts, crates, treats, etc.  I try to every once in a while read all the new products, try things I think may work, and then I find myself being "that" person to someone staring at the wall of toys with a blank look.  I recommend certain toys and tell them ones that absolutely are not "indestructible", and after going on and on, I have to stop myself and be like....oops they didn't really ask for my opinion.  I'm sure some are grateful and maybe others are saying to themselves "I hope she shuts up".  But sometimes there are too many choices out there, all making false promises and it drives me nuts.  The items you have to choose from just to walk your dog is insane.  Should you use a harness that clips from the back or a harness that clips from the front, a buckle collar, a choke chain,  a gentle leader, a martingale, a retractable leash, a nylon leash, a bungee leash, a prong collar, and the list goes on.  And I won't get started on the different types of toys.  

    Hunter, my Shiba Inu, is my test dog on new toys.  He is one of the strongest chewers I know, and at under 40 lbs, he can tell within seconds if it stands by the promises.  I usually just shake my head when he destroys the "most durable" toy out there.  By far my favorite products have been the kong toys.  Kong provides toys for different strength chewers, from puppy to senior, Kong stuff animals for the playful dog and items for the extreme chewers.  Another great product I love is Elk antlers.  They have ones that are naturally shed and depending on the cut of the antler they can last a very long time.  
    Be cautious of rope toys, or anything a dog may be able to break apart.  They can be perfectly fine to play with when they have supervision but when they are alone they can be dangerous.  Rope toys and plush toys can be pulled apart and ingested causing a blockage or even worse.  Rawhide can have the same issue as well so supervision is recommended.  Obviously not all dogs destroy toys, but until you have a good idea of the type of chewer you have supervise, supervise, supervise!

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