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Meet Keira

by Jade Giuggio on 12/30/13

Ever since I started Polite Paws, I have the opportunity to attend lots of events and meet the best people.  On several occasions I have met Fidelco dogs out and about and was always intrigued on how these people could raise a dog and hand it back after a year.  I only had Tazzy a couple years and losing her was incredibly tough, but I remember the comments I would get when I told Tazzy’s story.  Rescuing a dog in their senior years is something a lot of people are hesitant about doing.  It’s never easy losing a dog whether after a couple months, years or for having them 10 years.  Tazzy taught me so much and truly changed my life for the better and I am so thankful for her.  I am a big advocate for senior dogs and they deserve wonderful homes and shouldn’t end their lives in a shelter. 

With the loss of Tazzy in October, I have felt a hole in my heart.  At first I thought Hunter was enjoying being the only pup for a bit, and I think there was some truth to that.  Then I noticed a change in him and he definitely missed his buddy.  I knew then it was time to start looking.  We spent countless hours looking online and searching.  But it didn’t feel right yet.  Then I remembered meeting a couple who were raising a Fidelco puppy a while back at an event and I thought to myself that this was something I wanted to do.  Thankfully my husband was on board.  Fidelco breeds German Shepherds and trains them to become guide dogs.  These guide dogs are provided to a person in need at no cost.  A puppy raiser will have the puppy from 8 weeks old for a little over a year until the dog is ready for formal training.  During the puppy raiser period these people attend weekly training sessions to get the dogs started off on the right track.  I grew up with German Shepherds and have always loved them and wanted another.  I also felt like this was the right time to do this.  I have high hopes for 9 week old Keira; I hope she gets to provide the freedom to someone in need.  Tazzy was my life changing dog, she helped guide me into this career after struggling on what to do with my life when I found out I had medical issues that conflicted with my original plan.  This is an opportunity for me to be a part and help someone who needs a dog that will change his or her life too.   

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